GibsonGirlIn this episode I discuss the realistic capabilities of small and medium enterprises ability to participate in the world of social media.

If you run a web search for just about any iteration of “social media strategy,” you will find a plethora of opinions on how to run a perfect campaign. A dizzying array of to-dos, positions and strategies, some have validity others not so much; in either case, unless you have a devoted marketing team with its own social media division any advice is merely suggestive hopes and dreams.”

Writing these blog entries is part of by personal goals for this year. I have already learned so much, from research, planning, writing, conceptual development and all the other things that go into a regular blog. Much respect to everyday writers and the devoted individuals who feed the content beast on a regular basis.

Special thanks to Charles Dana Gibson – The Gibson Girl makes a cameo in the blog this month, and I want to make sure everyone who posts and shares his imagery on Facebook at least knows the name and leans a little bit about one of the most influential Illustrators of all time.

Here is the link, feel free to pass it on.
Social Media for SMEs: The Common Sense Approach |



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