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With over 20 years of knowledge as a professional designer working in Graphic Design, Illustration, Video Production, Product Design, and Art Direction I have experience working at all different levels of the creative workflow. From concept to production, prototyping to implementation offering actionable insight, leadership and a hands-on approach to producing visual solutions.

icon Design Managment

A strategic approach that leverages design principles and techniques to solve persistent problems. Through systematic investigation, this approach facilitates understanding of root-problems and the culture in which they reside. Through empathy, analysis, experimentation and making connections keys to understanding and generating successful solutions are realized.

icon Research Design

Our increasingly data driven world offers endless opportunities for conducting analysis on all sorts of information. Research design focuses the process of data collection using specific techniques. Qualitative to quantitative, secondary and primary, having a plan of action prior to data collection makes a world difference when translating insight into opportunity.

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  • The Study of
    Open Markets

    ethnographic research study

    The intricacies of its diversity provide a unique opportunity for an ethnographic research study to gain a deeper level of understanding.

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  • Design Innovation

    supporting manufacturers through
    innovation management

    Research on the innovativeness of SMMs and their ability to support the generation and implementation of new business ideas.

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  • Voice of the

    engaging Michigan's
    small manufacturers

    a strategy to engage the manufacturing community in a results-oriented conversation about modeling, simulation and analysis.

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  • Cura
    the holistic health network

    Not a traditional social network. Cura is a community built for a concierge medical practice focused on natural and alternative medicine practitioners. Building a holistic community around your family.

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At the core of innovation and entrepreneurship is a desire to build something new and to deliver in the form of a constantly evolving relationship with customers.